Master Classes

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1. Game Night Ready: Miniature Painting
2. Tips and Tricks for Supporting your Child through Virtual Learning
3. Dinner Made Easy: Start to Finish Dinner in One Hour
4. Storytelling with an Edge
5. My Favorite Things: Self-Care Talk With an LMT
6. Living Art: Day of the Dead
7. Pamper Yourself at Home: Make Spa Products & Indulge Yourself
8. Crafting with Crisiana: Watercolor Bookmarks
9. Fall Gardening: Tulsa Master Gardners

1. Game Night Ready: Miniature Painting

Adam Brennan, October 28th @ 3:00pm.

Are you a fan of table-top games? Board games? Do you want to paint your miniatures but are unsure how to get started? Have you watched YouTube video after YouTube video but wish you could ask questions and speak to someone about painting? This class is for you!

Join Adam Brennan as he goes over the basics of miniature painting: he’ll cover supplies, basic techniques and the tricks that pros use to make their miniatures pop!


  • Round Brush, size 0
  • Round Brush, size 000
  • Paper Towels
  • Hobby knife, AKA an X-Acto knife
  • Wax paper, an old glossy photograph or a wet palette (your choice. Michaels sells a wet palette)
  • Recycled glass jar or an old mug to hold water. Just pick something you don’t mind getting dirty.
  • Acrylic paints. Any will do really, just make sure they are water soluble. The colors you need depend on your project, but for starters you cant go wrong with the primary colors plus black and white. Some popular brands among miniature painters are: Vallejo, Reaper Miniature, Army Painter, Games Workshop.
  • Black, grey or white spray primer. Most of the brands above have a primer, but I’m partial to Armory Spray Primer, especially for white
  • A nice well lit area to paint. I find a small desk lamp handy
  • Some old newspaper or junk mail adds

Optional Supplies:

  • Liquitex slow-dri blending medium
  • An extra round brush size zero for blending
  • More colors: more the better
  • A tackle box to store paints
  • Wall tack mounting putty and an old empty spice container or a painting handle if you’re feeling fancy
  • Hobby files and sandpaper
  • Testor’s Dullcote Spray Laquer

Note: most of the paints you can find at a local Hobby Shop like Wizard’s Asylum or Top Deck Games if you want to shop local. Testor’s, brushes, hobby knives, Liquitex and wet palettes you can find at Michaels.

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2. Tips and Tricks for Supporting your Child through Virtual Learning

Kelly Walters October 26th at 10:00am
TCC Facilitator: Sarah Wyatt

The current global pandemic has really thrown a wrench in how K-12 education is being delivered across the United States. Do you find yourself feeling overwhelmed while simultaneously working from home and also supporting your children through virtual learning? Kelly Walters has over 20 years of experience in secondary school and is currently an 8th grade science teacher in Owasso. She will lead an interactive workshop that includes tips and tricks for supporting your child through virtual learning.

No Supplies Needed

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3. Dinner Made Easy: Start to Finish Dinner in One Hour

Jennifer Beatie October 21st at 5:30pm.

Jennifer Beatie is TCC’s very own Dean of Student Affairs and cooking extraordinaire. Jenny will lead the class through a class that will prepare you to have homemade chicken and noodles and dessert on your family’s table in under an hour using ingredients your probably already have in your pantry! After an hour of fun, this meal is guaranteed to be devoured in less than 6 minutes!

Ingredients needed:

  • chicken – any combination of boneless skinless thighs and breasts, 2 pounds or so (more if desired) thawed
  • chicken stock (a couple of big boxes or cans- about 8 cups) or dry chicken boullion
  • a rib or 2 of celery
  • one onion, your choice
  • garlic (either minced in a jar or fresh)
  • carrots, if desired
  • 2 bay leaves (optional, but I like the flavor)
  • all purpose flour, 8 cups or so
  • 5 eggs
  • salt or garlic salt

For dessert (cookies) add:

  • 1 cake mix, any flavor
  • 2 more eggs
  • 1/2 cup oil

Kitchen supplies:

  • a large pot (you’ll be cooking your chicken in a lot of liquid so think big soup pot/dutch oven)
  • tongs or other utensil to get hot chicken out of the liquid
  • rolling pin (or a Mason-type jar/old jelly jar/old pickle jar – plastic won’t work)
  • small sharp knife and a fork

We will have this meal ready for your family to enjoy that night. Grab a loaf of bread or your favorite soup crackers to go along with it.

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4. Storytelling with an Edge

Sloan Davis & Josh Baker October 22nd at 5:30-7:00 pm
TCC Facilitator: Rita Boggs

Sometimes crazy things happen to us: things we can hardly believe ourselves. Sometimes, we witness something or someone, and it’s astounding. Have you ever tried to retell the event and find it falls flat? It does not come across in the same emotional and astonishing way when you first witnessed or experienced it? This happens to the best of us. However, there are ways to overcome stumbling storytelling. This class offers tips in structure, performance, and other storytelling techniques to bring your stories to life. Who knows, maybe one day, you’ll tell a story on a stage in front of a large audience, or, if not, just be able to sit with a friend and tell them an astonishing tale.

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5. My Favorite Things: Self-Care Talk With an LMT

Bonnie Lyn Oct. 28th at 6:30PM
TCC Facilitator: Gary Young-Allen

Bonnie Lyn is a Licensed Massage Therapist in the state of Oklahoma, and she wants to share with you her favorite self-care tips both on and off the table. From a 360° around the neck stretch routine (great for the office) to using the Hypervolt by Hyperice, she’s got your back! She’ll demonstrate effective techniques for everyday issues like tech neck, migraines, IBS, and what to do if you catch yourself sitting at your desk for too long. This is one demonstration you won’t want to miss.

Bonnie Lyn uses a variety of techniques and tools in her practice including the use of topical CBD for pain relief, cupping therapy for athletes and active individuals, aromatherapy and spa treatments for relaxation and taking care of the skin, the Hypervolt by Hyperice, and of course some good ol’ fashioned swedish and deep tissue massage. She currently offers self-care plans as low as $50/hr and practices in the Berkshire Medical Plaza in Broken Arrow at her business, Marvelous Massage Therapy and can be contacted at 918.324.6201 or

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6. Living Art: Day of the Dead

Lauren Lunsford, October 22, 11:00-12:00PM
TCC Facilitator: Paula Settoon

Participants in this workshop will learn to design a skull face art and flower headpiece. In modern-day celebrations, people paint their faces to look like skulls, decorating it to represent a deceased loved one or an expression of themselves. Participants in this workshop will learn the basics of creating a skull face art design with facepaint and talk about the different designs used. Then participants will create a Flower headpiece. The Flower Crowns or Headpieces symbolize remembrance…flowers such as marigold and mums are often laid on the graves of the dead.


  • Facepaint – Snazaroo brand from Micheal’s (I order Tag and Wolfe Brands on I do not use the cream facepaint only water activated)
  • Brushes one small and medium
  • Sponge for make up
  • Cup for water
  • napkin or rag to dry
  • Stick on jewels

Flower crown Headpieces:

  • Any headband that has a fabric covering-size can range from half inch and up.
  • Fake floral flowers of your choice.
  • Glue and glue gun
  • 6 inch diagonal pliers”

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7. Pamper Yourself at Home: Make Spa Products & Indulge Yourself

Mary Sirkel: Oct 23rd at 11:30 – 12:30 PM
TCC Facilitator: Amy Rubottom

Being “stuck” at home doesn’t mean it has to be boring or that you can’t pamper yourself. Learn how to make Sugar Scrubs and Bath Salts with a few ingredients, most of which you probably already have at home. Also learn how to make fragrant bath salts for your next “Spa at Home” experience. (P.S. These make great gifts too!)


Raid your pantry for: Sugar (white or brown); Oil—coconut is best, but Olive Oil works too; vanilla, fresh lemon or essential oil of your choice; a small glass container, a bowl and spoon to mix it and we are ready!

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8. Crafting with Crisiana: Watercolor Bookmarks

Cristiana Prado, Oct. 23rd 10:00 – 10:45 AM
TCC Facilitator: Cami Contreras

You will learn how to make beautiful watercolor bookmarks using an easy wax resist technique! Also, you will be able to add kind words to the back of them to make these bookmarks a memorable gift to friends and family. Let’s get inspired by the beauty of the Fall season. So, join me in this fun activity!


Watercolor paper, watercolor paint or washable markers, paint brush, scissors, pencil, eraser, ruler, assorted color crayons, a container with water and paper towel.

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9. Fall Gardening: Tulsa Master Gardners

Karen Watkins, October 20th from 12:00-1:00PM
TCC Facilitator: Tammy Upshaw

“Tulsa Master Gardener, Karen Watkins, will present her class about “Everything Fall Gardening” the live presentation, via zoom, will include trees and shrubs for fall color, fall to-do list, and preparing for winter temperatures in our landscapes.”

Karen has been an active Master Gardener for 25 years and had her own garden featured in garden tours and national magazines.

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